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Looking for a case for my motherboard....

I got a ECS GF8200A motherboard from a friend of mine for cheap. I've been looking at ATX Cases but im having trouble finding a case with the right openings in the back (USB, VGA, Ethernet, etc.)

Can anybody point me to a case that will work? Or is there a way around this?

PS. this is my first time with any kind of PC building so i apologize in advance if my question is kinda dumb lol
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  1. The board should come with a IO shield that goes in the big oblong opening on the back of the case.
    The board should fit in any normal ATX mid tower.
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    Yes, did your friend gave you the shield as well? Looks like a metal plate
    but you can do without that. Read this for some clues on building:
  3. Okay so that section DOES indeed come out? I do have the shield but I just wasn't sure if ALL cases allowed you to swap that out.

    @mosox: that is an awesome guide btw lol im gonna save that....
  4. almost ALL cases allow you to swap the I/O plate (input output plate) for VGA, sound, usb, etc inputs and outputs.

    they are generally universal, even on propriety DELL motherboards. Propriety is a term for manufacturer specific parts (only DELL parts that fit in a DELL computer, for example). However, I have modded a few DELL and they even have a Universal I/O Plate!

    not so much for the motherboard though, although I did get a uATX motherboard to fit in a fold-out Dell Dimension 8300 case. the fold out case now runs a quad core 3.0ghz AMD processor! with the stock PSU! lol :)
  5. huh you learn something everyday! :D

    thanks a lot guys i found a new case for about $15 that i might buy now ^_^

    you guys were super helpful and ill be sure to come back here for anymore questions lol
  6. Sure! feel free to do so, Always here to help! :D

  7. im 20 -_- lol
  8. ah i see. compared to you i am a kid lol
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