If i format my sd memory card will it delete everything

my memory card is not opening it asking formatting, how can i get pictures from sd memory card
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  1. place back into the camera if it can be connected to a pc u might be able to transfer from the camera to the pc that way, thats if ur using a memory card reader in the pc
  2. Yes if you format the card you will lose everything. You need to use some for of recovery tool to get your files like this.
  3. If you format it will delete everything. So you can't go in the computer and open the disk? If not, it may be corrupted. Try removing it and putting it back it. You could also try on another PC. If that doesn't work, you may have lost them.
  4. Yes, formatting SD card will erase everything. I've had this happen to me (where an SD card works in the camera but not in a card reader). Try downloading the pictures using the camera and USB cable (not a card reader).
  5. Generally, as long as you have not rewritten the original data, you can also recover your deleted files from this SD card.
    At first, take off your memory card from your digital camera or smartphone and connect it to your computer or laptop via a card Reader.
    And then download a free SD card recovery tool to retrieve your deleted data from http://blog4mark.blogspot.com/2012/12/sd-card-recovery.html
    This freeware is capable to recover data from all types of memory card and also has helped many people restore their photos, videos, songs and files back.
    From now on, you should learn to back up everything important on different storage device all the time.
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