SSD Raid 0 and back up partition help?

I'm building a new computer and I want to set up 2 120gb OCZ Vertex 3 SSD's (on sale for $50 each on BF) in Raid 0 to get increased performance for windows, games, and programs. And then I want a 2tb 7200rpm 64mb HDD for data. I was wondering how it would work to back up my SSD raid onto a partition of the hard drive. That way I could have a back up of my os and games if one of them failed and needed to be RMA'd. Also, stupid question but when you set up raid 0 you don't lose space because its not redundant correct? So I'd have a 240gb drive together, correct?
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    well first you wont see much performance gains striping two ssd's unless your just benchmarking. second you can partition your data drive and create a backup of your RAID Array no problem using any number of back up software out there already. and yes RAID 0 will show your 2 physical drives as 1 240gb RAID Array.
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  3. I have tried ssd raid-0 before, and there is no benefit in performance for normal desktop work.
    You might even lose unless you have a Z77 based motherboard because you will lose trim support.

    My take would be to separate them. Use one for the OS, and the other for game installation.
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