Hard Drive showing Half Capacity after Reinstall of Windows Vista

My 500GB hard drive seemed to be failing. I cloned it on a brand new 1TB WD Green Hard Drive. I had formatted the hard drive in Windows Vista with no partitions. I hooked it up, initialized it, and the drive was showing in both the top and bottom screens in the computer management as its true capacity.

I went to clone the hard drive using Norton Ghost 14. I thought it started cloning, but when I came back about 15 min later, the computer was shut down. Couldn't get it to boot again. Tried hooking up the new drive, nothing.

I got an OEM version of the exact same version of windows, installed it on the new drive. During install it said there was an older version of windows, moved those files to windows.old.

I noticed when I went into computer management that the top part is showing the capacity as 456.88GB, while on the bottom it shows Disk 0 as 931.51GB NTFS.

How do I get the full capacity back?
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  1. upload an image from computer management
  2. If you have Windows on another disk then boot from it and taske the new disk and delete the partition and then format it and try installing Windows again.
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  4. I apologize.....posting shots is new. I will try to make it mor readable.
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  6. I was having trouble getting images (my pics and home movies that I had uploaded from older (2002) video tapes to show and/or play. I realized that the hard drive probably wasn't bad after all. I installed windows over the old copy on the old drive, have all my files, pics and videos working fine now. The old drive is a 500GB drive.....my new drive is 1TB. I only paid $10 more the extra 500 gigs, so I'm thinking I will format it and use it as a backup drive. Now what I need is advice on how to set up the drive. Should I partition it and use Norton Ghost to back up the current drive and use part of it for storage. I'm learning a ton about computers, so I really don't have that much knowledge. Advice would be much appreciated.
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