5970 freezes when running 3D - watercooled

I had installed a water EK block on my 5970, but if I ran some 3D programs, the image froze with some random colors. I emptied the system for water and peeled of the waterblock to see what could be wrong. But it looks as if everything has been in contact so I can not exactly figure out what the error is!

Is there anyone who has experienced the same or might know what could be wrong?

It is this one: http://www.ekwaterblocks.com/shop/blocks/vga-blocks/ati-radeon-full-cover-blocks/fc-5970-series/ek-fc5970-acetal-nickel.html
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  1. Well the obvious question is, what are the temps like now?

    Check with GPU-Z
  2. I havn't installed the stock-cooler again... I what to know if there is anything I should look for befor I refill the water system. :-/

    The cores were about 33 in idle whit water.
  3. And how did it perform before the install?

    Sounds like a bad card. Could be the VRAM or the core. Is it OCed? That could be the problem.
  4. what clocks and voltage are you running?
  5. There was no problem before! And it was runnig at 780/1100. I tried to disable the OC, but i din't help.
  6. Don't the 5970s have problems with being really cold? I thought I read somewhere they didn't really like temps below 40C, but I could be wrong.
  7. Your idle temps mean nothing, you should have checked your load temps, I suspect VRM's are getting to hot.
  8. Oh forgot to ask earlier, Whats your loop setup?
  9. Petey1013: Me too, but I don't know!...

    omgitzfatal: I colud't test the load temps. because the system froze... But before it froze it went about 42

    Laing DDC 1Plus (pump) - HWL GTX 360 (radiator) - Aquacomputer Cuplex XT (CPU-block) - Gigabyte UD9 (motherboard) - EK-FC5970 Acetal+Nickel (GFX-block)
  10. Well your setup is pretty good and temps shouldn't be to much of a concern (although more rad would be good) providing the EK block was mounted correctly

    I know its a PITA, but I would re-install the stock cooler and see if you get the same problems.
  11. yep, lots of people with issues. Just google 5970 cold bug.

  12. Hey there,

    I believe it's the 5970 "cold bug" issue.

    I think it can be fixed with a BIOS update.
  13. Yearh... I think it is the only thing to do! :(

    I do have a 240 rad... But I don't think I will install it, unless it is necessary.
  14. Hey apparently there is indeed a BIOS fix:
  15. Nice! Dose i matter that I got a XFX card?
  16. Bims said:
    Nice! Dose i matter that I got a XFX card?

    Shouldn't matter unless you want to return the card :P
  17. Hehe okai ;)

    So can you promise me that it would work!? :P hehe ... I don't what to empty my watersystem again! :-S

    And do you know a guide for flashing the BIOS?

    BTW:Which PhysX mod do you use?
  18. I'd love to guarantee success... but no, I don't know for certain.

    BIOS flashing has been very easy for me. The "safest" way is with ATIFlash. I simply use ATIWinFlash which doesn't require a DOS boot. For me the process is 1) disable CF 2) reboot 3)close Afterburner 4) Open WinFlash and flash the BIOSes 5)Reboot. Sometimes it has some slight issues like screen pausing or flashing... but, the flash has always been successful. But yeah, different cards.

    As for PhsyX, I was using the GenL V1.03 with NV drivers 197.45 and PhysX V 9.10.0222 but I just yesterday found the newest patch, so now I'm on GenL V1.04ff, NV 256.61 (w/e the newest certified ones are), and PhysX V9.10.0224
  19. Oh I have a question tho - which ATI drivers are you using? My 2nd 5850 in CF idles at 400/900 and one thing I read in regards to the 5970 cold crash is that the issues seem to arise from the 2nd gpu and by raising these idles can fix it. I'm wondering if that was one of the things ATI 10.5 and 10.6 drivers added.
  20. That ok, hehe, tx any way! :P

    I use the 10.6 driver.
  21. YEARH! It works thX. :D
  22. Great!
  23. Only 35C at load whit std. clocks. :)
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