Need a graphics card

i just got a pavilion slimline (bad mistake for games) and i still have the integrated card (and power supply) what would be a good graphics card
i was thinking of this
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  1. What model # is it? If it has the 160w PSU you really can't put much on it, aside from an HTPC card like the 5450 if there is room for a full ended low profile card addition. If it does fit, it will be better than the integrated, but it won't be great, or even good for games. You will be limited to the lowest settings in modern titles to maintain playable framerates.
  2. its a 220w and it can fit all the low profile cards
    but i might get a 300w power suply
  3. gonna need a few more details to answer you corectly. provided you have a pci express in your box then yea thats a decent card 9600gt is good. its kind of an older chipset but it'll play most stuff with low-mid settings, but in the hundred dollar range thats gonna be most things

    but in low profile there's not much available
  4. yeah i kinda figured that like 2 weeks after i got the computer
    but will i need to buy a new power supply for that card?
  5. umm comments said people were running em in systems with 200 watt powersupplies.. but i never trust stock powersuplies. if you want ot to last i'd probablu get a good 80 plus rated one if you can find one that will fit
  6. well i found this one
    i think that will do, right?
  7. Seasonic is a great brand for PSUs, so if it will fit, and connect to your Mobo, it would definitely give you a bit of room for a better card like a 5550/70.
  8. sounds awesome man
    but i dont think a better graphics card will fit hahaha
  9. what other cards would you recommend
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