Fan placement...

I have this case:

And I have an 80mm fan to add for a lil extra airflow. Two questions;

1) which spot should I add the fan and what direction of airflow?
The fans already affecting airflow are the PSU (blowing on the CPU) and one to the right side (sucking air from the HDDs)

2) where do I connect it for power?
I already have the HDD fan connected to the "Case Fan" terminal.

Any help would be great!
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  1. eh? that is the only fan the case came with... so where do I put/plug the HDD fan then?
  2. oh nevermind i thought that you meant you attached the molex of the hdd to the molex for the front fans on the mobo (some have it)
    but your saying that you have no more ports on the mobo? so get something like this:
  3. ooooh.. hahahaha! nah, i'm not a super noob :)
    You made me sh*t a kitten! Now that I think of it, I think there's a plug like that on my connectors. So should I put the HDD fan to the PSU cable/molex and the extra case fan I have to the "CASE FAN" molex on the mobo?
  4. it doesnt really matter. a fan plug is a fan plug. :)
  5. ah okay, i didn't know if it was a passive or active engaging system
  6. what about position and airflow direction also?
  7. front and bottom(if any) are usually intake. top and rear are usually exhaust.
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