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ok I wanna upgrade my CPU or I think I should. But I want to get what other people think I should do and there opinion. My current setup is
Mother Board- Nforce 680i SLI
CPU- Intel E6600 2.4 ghz overclocked to 3.0 ghz fsb 1333
Ram- 8 gig G Skill 1200 mhz
Power Supply- Antec TruePower Quattro TPQ-1000 1000W
Hard Drive- Seagate 80gig 5200 rpm ( YES YES I know i need to upgrade. Upgrading this friday debating on a 10,000 rpm vs 15,000 rpm)
Sound Card- Turtle beach montango

So I was just wondering cause I could get a quad or duo. But as far as mhz go looks like duo cores are way faster and cheaper. Right now I am looking at wolfdale e8600 3.33 ghz fsb 1333. To be not overclock thats pretty good. I have read so far people have got this thing to 4.0 ghz to 4.4 ghz. Not sure what type of cooling they are using. I will probably stick with a good air cooling system. I have ZALMAN CNPS9700 LED for cooling. To be honest my e6600 is my first CPU I ever changed so I was worried. All I really did was changed the FSB and I think my motherboard changes voltage depending. Or I am just a complete idiot who got lucky :). Who knows but any word of thought guys. Should I upgrade my cpu. Cause I want to SLI later on any ways.
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  1. Read this article:,2772-6.html

    Duals maybe "faster" in clock speed, but a "quad" should process more threads...
  2. My 9550 at stock 2.83 Ghz) is so much quicker than my Dual core OC at 3.6Ghz.
  3. upgrade to one of the q quads, like the one the guy mentioned the 9550, or the 9650. the qx9770 isnt available anymore it looks like though, not sure your motherboard even would of taken it anyway. im wondering when they are going to stop selling all those lga 775 chips completely.
  4. Q9550 would be best option. I would say go for it.
  5. What do you use your pc primarily for.? If its gaming that you mostly do on your pc then better to overclock your processor for now before performing a complete platform upgrade in about another year or so.. In any case though, upgrade to a better hard drive first..
  6. Turbo boost on the i7's are cool. Look into it.
  7. If that's my rig I would opt for SSD, go for 2 or 3 SLI video card, 640Gb data for games and a 32" monitor. Game on.
  8. Did Nvidia ever release an update to properly run the later quads? As I recall, they limited the 680i to the Q6600 and QX6800, although I heard rumour that they worked.
  9. I strongly suggest that you overclock your CPU and invest your money in a new hard drive, or just build a new system from scratch. The Core 2 Duos and Quads are just too outdated to buy now.
  10. i agree with Cs342 you should really wait and save up money for a new rig cos as soon as 15 sb and bulldozer is out man things are gonna get hot!!!
  11. or if u prefer go in for a nice dual socket xeon system
  12. hey i'm just curious but how do you get 2 CPUs in one motherboard
  13. There are motherboards which are available which have two slots for CPU's.
  14. Well ya than for now I will stick with my CPU. To be honest depending I just buy a new gpu 460gtx or higher. I think my CPU should not bottle neck with one video card. But yes hard drive is first and far most right now. Well also I did some research on some mother boards and cpu's cause you guys convince me to just get a new mother board and cpu and ram is the only expensive part. I want to save money on a CPU tho and was looking at the AMD 6 core thats under 300 bucks and running at 3.0 ghz. What you think about it.
  15. Save some money and wait for the Sandy Bridge to come out. Or maybe Bulldozer (for which you may have to wait a little longer).
  16. which motherboards support 2 CPUs?
  17. Cs342 said:
    which motherboards support 2 CPUs?
  18. Now guys lol I am not trying to run 2 servers at the same time. Just gaming. LOL 2 quad cores with 48 gig of ram???? Aint that a beat much. I never seen any games go over 4 yet as far as I seen LOL. Who's buying that crap. I may not be the best on comps but man thats too much and way to expensive.
  19. You would need to buy the xeons and new ram for those. A dual Xeon system is a little bit of overkill though. A good I5 of I7 would be a big difference and probably be just as good for puropse.
  20. you cant dual socket i7 or i5 or i3 for that matter only xenons and quads con be dual socketed and for now i think dual socket is a bit over kill but still good future proofing
    but the best dual socket mobo if you ask me is the sr-12 classified you can go in for 2 xenons and 4 gtx 480's on sli

    man and thats the same spec of the guru 3d rig of the mnth but they have quads man am soo jeleos of that fello i mean imagine the stuff he can do with that!! lol!
  21. just look at her!!
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