Anything wrong with this screenies?

Hi pips!

Here is a screenie I got from CPUID Hardware Monitor.

Is there something I should be alarmed from this?

The thing I wonder is how could my CPU get this hot when everything else seems fine. This is at idle btw.

Then theres the thing with my voltage too. I heard a good voltage value should be close to the number itself. Like the 3.3v should be close to 3.3. The 3.3 and 5v looks fine but my 12v value seems far from 12. Is this wrong? My PSU is a 460 watts cooler master btw.

I found out something, If I stress my CPU with prime 95, it only peeks at 73c and stable at 72c. Not much difference with idle temp?

Here is another screenie from cpuz for more details.

I'm really at lost here, I don't know if theres anything I should watch out for.

Edit: Here's a pic with full load.

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  1. The CPU temp is too high, you can buy some good thermal paste like the Arctic Silver 5.

    Try this too
  2. your 12v reading is incredibly low. Im not sure if it is being accurately measured, as at that voltage, the PC would not work. Check the voltage in the BIOS if possible, or with a multimetre if you know how. Also, if you can, go the the motherboard manufacturers website and download the correct hardware monitoring tool for you motherboard. The thing that is reading the 85C is also wrong as under that the separate cores show much lower.
  3. You should grab some Zero Therm thermal paste, way better than artic silver. Also get some tuniq thermal paste remover or some thermal paste remover. Clean your cpu where the original paste was and apply the new paste. I used the stock "paste" that came with my zalman 9700 fan and I had 70c+ temps. I removed it and put Zero-Therm paste on and under 100% load overclocked from 3.0ghz to 3.8ghz for 2 hours and temps never got above 60c. It works wonders.
  4. And iam2thecrowe is completely right, your 12v is way low!! You should buy a psu tester (10.00 bucks) and make sure you psu is functioning right.
  5. Feel the heatsink. :)

    See if it really is 80C.

    Don't put you hand on it, just near it.
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