Where can I find a MSI 640 Cyclone 1GB

Hi guys,
Looking for an US based online store which has the MSI 640 cyclone 1GB in stock.

Any ideas (Since I'm having my cousin bring it over and his flight is next week,I have to buy it ASAP, or just settle for a 5770)
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  1. It has not been released yet, sorry.

    The 768mb version still performs very, very well and is much more compelling than a 5770:
    You could try the auto-notify.

    Another thing to remember is that the GTX 460 runs incredibly cool, so you don't need a monster cooler. Getting a reference design will also make it easier to SLI later on. The Cyclone series is not known to be exactly quiet either. You could get this version, it still support voltage tweaking and the cooler is plenty:

    If you really need the 1GB:

    Remember the stock cooler works very well.
  2. The thing is i must have an MSI card for warranty reasons (living abroad)
  3. The reference MSI GTX 460 will do you perfectly well. You won't have a problem with heat nor will you lose that much by going with the lesser VRAM.
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