Momentus 500 vs 750 GB XT

Hi all,

I found this deal on the 500 GB XT with the 4GB NAND for $60

I've calculated my usage patterns and I pretty much need about at least a 256 GB SSD to use with my laptop if I move my videos but keep my games and such.

Does the 500GB hybrid XT offer good enough performance to justify grabbing it?

Is the extras flash of the 750 GB with 8GB NAND version that much faster to warrant paying about double the price? ($120)

Or should i try and get a 128GB SSD (same price as the 750GB Hybrid) and move a whole bunch of stuff onto my 500GB 2.5in (re purposing the original laptop HDD) and uninstall/moving my games and vid?

Which option would i see the best cost/benefit ratio?
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    The best option for a laptop is to use a SSD for the hard drive with the OS on it. Next best is the hybrid with an amount of flash memory to act as a cache and theat will make the drive a little faster then the normal hard drive.

    If I have a laptop then my setup woulld be to have a 256gb SSD in the laptop for the OS and games and any important programs, and a seperate external drive for storage. But that's me and what my setup would be. Everybody's budget is different and also the needs of what is to be stored so you have to decide acording to your budget.
  2. My budget pretty out maxes out at 100 ish andthe options are 128 GB SSD + External or 750 GB/8GB NAND or 500GB/4GB NAND + save some cash.
    Will the 4gb NAND offer close performance to the 8GB version?
  3. UPDATE: Just going to grab a 256GB SSD when they get cheap
    Could an admin close this thread plz, thx
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