Safe Temperature GTS 250?


I just build a (very) modest gaming computer (nothing too fancy) and I've gotten it up and running. I got a PNY 1GB Nvidia GTS 250 card and I was just wondering if my cooling is sufficient... MSI Afterburner reports this about the GPU:
on Idle

GPU Temp: 39 C
GPU Usage: 1 - 2%
Fan Speed: 27%
Core Clock: 738 MHz
Shader: 1732 MHz
Mem: 1100 MHz

Yet doesn't 39 C seem a (little) high for being idle. (as of now i'm installing a game and on firefox)

I'm new to all of this so, just let me know.
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    39c idle is fine, what's the load temps like? So long as you're below 90c the card will be OK as 105c is the max for that card.
  2. Yeah, well all I have installed right now is Half Life 2 and I ran that at 1920 x 1080 with full everything and it hit about 65 c at most.
  3. That's running about perfect then.
  4. Thank you.
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