2 Hard Drives RAID 0 vs 1 Hard Drive

Hi there, I have a question about adding 2 Hard Drives in RAID 0 with a interface card versus 1 single hard drive.

The scenario is as following:
- 2 Hard Drives in array RAID 0 (2 seagate's 250GBs, SATA, barracudas, 7200 RPMS)
- 1 Interface card PCI to create the array of hard drives in RAID 0


- 1 single hard drive of 500GBs (1 seagate 250GBs, SATA, barracudas, 7200 RPMS)

Which configuration is better and faster?

This is a 7400 Intel CPU Core 2 Duo at 2.8GHZ, 8 GBs RAM, GeForce 430GT Video, OS W7 X64 Ultimate

Thanks for any suggestion.
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  1. The RAID 0 will be faster, but twice as likely to fail and more expensive.
  2. with raid 0 if 1 drive fails, you lose the data from both drives. If you really want a faster machine, get a SSD and a hard drive. Use the SSD for the OS, and some applications/games, and the HDD for data.
  3. Thank you for you're comments and answer. Ill keep in mind this info.

    Cheers. :hello:
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