Dell 270 motherboard and grachics chipset

ok i have (or in the process of receiving ) a dell 270 from ebay heres the specs of the board

1. cpu= 2.8 intel chipset seems to be the 895 series
2. 512 of memory (dont worry im upgrading) also up to 4gbs
3. apparently stating a pci-e slot (but read around it also has agp slot)
4. 3 pci slots available
5. 40 hdd (also upgrading)

Now, thats all the info i no.... but would find out more if needed
Now, what im lookin for is info about what kind of video card is best if it is agp or pci-e
And, What shood i do wit all the pci slots such as components (ex. 56k,blah,blah.blah)
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  1. It is a old system not worth the money on upgrades. The only GPU option is AGP which is low performance cards by today's standards and over priced.
  2. The ram is DDR pc3200 max!
  3. thank you for all ur input but i found out new info and had started a new thread about it
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