How can i make my routers signal farther?

I have my router in my house and need access to it in my outbuilding (about 250-300ft)
Like what channel goes the farthest and what is up with the 'long and short' preamble? if anyone could help thanks.
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  1. You'll have to experiment with channels because the different frequencies they represent work better or worse depending on your environment.

    Don't worry about preambles at the mo -- concentrate on optimising the signal.

    If you can detect neighbouring best to select a channel 5 stops away from strongest neighbour.
  2. ok cool,
    thanks dude
  3. If you don't mind voiding your router's warranty you can also look into programs like DD-WRT. Your reflash your router and the program adds features that allow you to boost signal, overclock and a whole bunch of other features. DD-WRT is just one of the programs. I think another is Tomato. Not all routers can be reflashed but a lot are.
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