Help with my new build.

This is my plan for my new build. I love AMD, but I want to stick with an SLI capable motherboard so in the future I can add a second video card, and the GTX460s seem like the best bang for the buck. Are there any mistakes Im making or something else I should be looking at?

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  1. Looks good to me! Not too many AMD / SLI rigs out there it seems, but that should all work fine. Power supply is a bit overkill, and that case is huge, so I might personally change those things - although it seems like they're on sale...
  2. Theres also this set:

    Which is 40 dollars cheaper, but Im worried about the 460's fitting properly in that case.
  3. 460s will have a ton of room in an Antec 900. Even the 300 should fit a pair of them just fine. I've heard good things about XFX power supplies also, but here's what I'd personally go with along those same lines:
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