Using more than 3GB on a 32 bit sytstem

I'll be buying the Crosshair IV Formula. My concern is wasting money. I know that a 32 bit system is not capable of seeing any more than 3.5GB if your lucky and usually less. It would seem to be best for me to buy 2 x 1GB and 1GB modules to stay inline with that. Then there is the memory QVL. I have to make sure which 1GB module can work in a single slot. I also want to be able to take full advantage of the dual channel memory. The stray module would be all alone. It will also be a waste of money. I will soon be upgrading my system to Win 7 professional 64 bit. I can't do it right now because my financial adviser ( Hi name is Wallet ) says no. I simply can't afford it. I also want to have more than enough memory when I purchase 7. What I would rather do is buy 2x2GB modules and slap em in the dimms, gently of course, and be done with it. The memory controllers and all the other things about a computer I have no clue about should do their job. I am hoping that I can still benfit from the dual channel bandwidth accomplished by 2 stick and exceed the 3.0 GB and let it use the full 3.5 but that of course is very wishful thinking. So what would you do. Buy 3 1GB dimms now and then 2x2GB later when you get 7? Then the 3 Dimms will be a waste. Hope that I can sell 3dimms for a dual channel. um no. Will the 4GB work? Will it stop at 2GB and then I would lose the dual channel bandwidth advantage. HELP!!! I will in either case be following the QVL posted here .
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    Meh QVL is useful but not definitive. It's largely used as a list of "here's what we've tested against" and as a get out clause of "you're using unsupported ram". Plenty of people don't pick components from supported lists and their systems work just fine.

    4GB will work in a 32bit system. It will just show as ~3.5GB.
  2. go with the 2x2GB dual channel kit. You will be able to use the full 4GB in dual channel, but only see about 3.25GB and when u upgrade to win 7 u wont have wasted any money.
  3. I don't use windows, but presumably it supports PAE. In which case the physical memory is mapped into a 36-bit address space and the 4GB limit is on virtual address space per process.
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