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I have an ASUS p6tSE for which I just bought a new SSD OCZ Vertex3. I also have 4 spinners which I want to configure as RAID10. I want to install the OS -Win7(64) on the SSD, and then use the spinners for all my data.
My question is, will this MB allow me to set up all 5 drives on the SATA controller, but whereas the SSD will be a loner, the other four will be set up as RAID. If this is possible, then do any of you know what are the proper BIOS parameters. The BIOS asks me if the drives are RAID, IDE or AHCI, but in my mind i'll have a mix, whereas the spinners will be RAID, but the SSD will not.
BTW, I decided to blow the current WIN7 install, so let's treat this as a new build.
Any help would be greatly appreciated
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    It is ok to set the raid setting since it's similar to AHCI and the SSD will be fine with that. The hard drives need the setting to be raid in order to setup the raid.
  2. thanx for the quick reply.
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