System hanging while playing games

I have a core 2 duo e8200, 2 gb ram ddr2 (800MHz), ATI HD 4870 xfx graphic card, Asus P5QLD PRO motherboard, and a cooler master 600W PSU. Win7 32 bit.

I started having this problem recently.. what happens is that whenever i play a game, after 5 minutes of playing either my system hangs or it shows a BSOD. i check the temp of gpu and it remains under 70C. the funny thing is that when im not playin anythin and surfing on the net or etc my system does not hang...please help
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  1. It can be many things. PSU can be failing, the ram might be failing (run memtest) the GPU might be failing.
  2. Have you changed any settings? Do any overclocking?
  3. Try running with just 1 stick of RAM...
    Also you can try your card in different PC with high PSU.
  4. thnx all...the problem wz with one of the rams...its been solved now...bought a new 4870 so wz pretty scared had it been the gpu :p
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