Enough for ATI 6870 or 5850 !? its new thing

Hi guys , i found these PSUs too , Simply tell me which one is enough for SIngle ATI 5850 & high END system ( i5 760 ) . ( remove low quality PSUs , & leave those that are BEST in quality & Warranty !

1.Siloverstone 750W
2.AcBel 660W
3.Thermaltake - 700W
5.SIGMA 635W
6.Cooler Master 600W - Silent Pro

i dont wanna OC , CF , SLI & my useing rez is 1440 !
OK ? just simply mark bests & remove Bad PSUs to make my work easier .
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  1. PSU's i would trust out of your list are:

    Number 1,3,4 number 6 may be Ok aswell, although I've had bad experiences with Coolermaster PSU's

    Never heard of AcBel or SIGMA so I wouldn't trust them to output their rated power.
  2. 1 - yes
    2 - no
    3 - depends exactly which model thermaltake. Some are good, some are bad.
    4 - yes
    5 - no
    6 - I wouldnt, but some people think they are ok.

    If it were my PC i would go the silverstone or corsair. For a single graphics card you could go for the 500w models in these brands. to save a bit of money. But its always a good idea to spend the extra incase you need more power in the future.
  3. Agreed, and personally like Corsair
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