New Build: $2000, just want some final opinions

Hey guys and gals, you are all so helpful!
So here is what I am looking at now…
Purchase Date: 1-2 weeks
Budget: $2000 USD MAX
System Usage: Cad/ Matlab, Blu ray watching, gaming, general use\
Parts not Req.: Mouse and Keyboard
Preferred Site: Newegg, but not particular about it
Origin: US
Parts Pref.: Intel CPU
Overclocking: Heck yes, eventually
SLI: Also Heck yes, eventually
Monitor res: 1920x1080
Add. Comment: Plan to purchase second gpu in 4-5 months
Wife says the case stays, so please don’t try to change, lol.
the blu-ray burner isnt a necessity, but the player is. it just seems like a good combo deal.

I am looking for any and all POSITIVE input and encouragement. This is my first build and I want to do it right the first time. I have been digging through here for months and asking questions and this place is great. But I am ready to move on to the purchasing phase…

Thermaltake Nvidia Edition

Samsung Spinpoint F3

i7 930 and gigabyte gtx 470

Corsair Dominator 6Gb and XFX Black Edition 850w

Ga-x58a-UD3R MB and LG Blu-Ray burner

Asus 23.6 in LCD monitor

Crucial Sata III SSD
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  1. Rather than get the C300, I would look at an OCZ Agility 2, Vertex 2, or a Mushkin Callisto. See this Anandtech article about the C300's value compared to other drives.

    The Dominators tend to cost more than RAM with equivalent speed/timings. This G.Skill PI Series actually has better timings and costs $70 less. You could simply get that kit and the XFX 850W PSU for less than the combo.

    Obviously, you're spending a lot on the case, but if you like it, go for it.

    Other than the notes above, it looks pretty good.
  2. The crucial only has an edge on sandforce drives at larger sizes.

    I think TN monitors are pretty lame, especially for CAD work (assuming skin/intense 3D modelling). Other than that you didn't list anything else that needs color accuracy so you could definitely go for the TN if your budget is tight.
  3. coldsleep said:
    The Dominators tend to cost more than RAM with equivalent speed/timings. This G.Skill PI Series actually has better timings and costs $70 less. You could simply get that kit and the XFX 850W PSU for less than the combo.

    After MIR, there is only a 10 dollar price diff, but you are for sure right. your suggestion is 10 dollars less, plus a cl of 7 instead of 8. so i have changed that.
    The vertex 2 also looks great. I might wait a little while longer as it is not a necessity and see if prices drop a little bit more. but your are correct, even with sataiii, it didnt really perform a ton better according to the article.

    I am not sure what a "TN monitor" is, and i am willing to take suggestions for other ones.
  4. Ok, i know what a TN monitor is now, is the color really THAT bad?

    ok. also, where do i find this information when searching for a monitor?
  5. TN is a type of LCD technology. TN and IPS are the two major LCD technologies.

    TN is cheaper and generally has fast response times, and most mainstream LCDs are TN technology. IPS is more expensive, has slightly slower response time, but it has greater color accuracy and a greater viewing angle. IPS monitors are most frequently used by graphic designers, web designers, and anyone who has a need for the colors represented on the screen to match the real world. They're also sometimes used by gamers because they can smoothly transition between landscape and portrait they work well for a multi-monitor setup that may change orientation from time to time.

    This thread on Anandtech has a lot of info about monitors.

    EDIT: No, the color isn't exactly bad, it's just not necessarily going to match to what you print out.

    Same monitor, but one's the IPS version.
  7. Wow, there is actually a really big difference, especially with the viewing angle. the colors dont look bad by any means, but they were definantly different.
    since movies will be watched on this monitor, and probably not in front of it, i better find an ips monitor, eh?
  8. If you're going to be notably off from center I would say so.

    Only issue is price :/ Try pausing the vid at 1 second though. There's just no way the 6-bit on the TN compares with the 8 on the IPS.
  9. I wouldn't worry about it for movies, just if you do graphic/web design work. A TN monitor can be adjusted to your taste, it's just more different than IPS. Heh.
  10. Boy, that is a tough call. Im gunna have to say that at this point, the price is going to take priority here. Yeah, when you are lookin at a $500 screen or a $180 dollar screen, i think id rather buy my second gpu...

    Plus the combo comes with a free wall mount, dont know if ill use it right away, but it might be nice for the extra workspace and then it can be used to adjust to the angle of the viewer, (my wife), if she is not at the desk.
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