SSD boot drive + Hybrid or HDD?

Hello, I am going to be buying an 120GB SSD for OS and a few games + essential programs. I will need a mass storage drive for everything else. There is a nice drive on sale at NCIX. It is a pretty good deal, but for a non-boot drive will I get enough performance for it to be worth it? I plan on buying the stuff in the next couple of weeks (black friday/cyber monday) so there should be other good deals.

What should I do guys?
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  1. That's a laptop drive - I'd look for a plain old hard drive to complement the SSD. The performance benefits from the drive you linked won't be particularly noticeable.
  2. Thank you.
  3. also hybrid drives only really benefit boot speeds they dont have nearly the same advantages as an SSD other than size. A normal HDD will be greater capacity and less cost per GB with roughly the same performance.
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