Why cant I install a wireless mouse on my windows XP

OK I have a Gateway Windows XP Professional 2002 bought in April 2007. I want to install a wireless mouse so I went to Target and bought a Microsoft Wireless Mobile Mouse 3500 for about $25.00 When I insert the wireless transceiver into any of the USB ports the Wizard starts and asks if I want to install from a disc or let it choose where to get the driver. I don't have a disc so I enter NEXT and then I get a warning that my HID device has not passed the Windows LOGO testing and something about verifying its compatability!! I'm lost about what to do next. Do I have the wrong mouse or is there some driver I need to download or what?? I need some help!

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  1. What service pack do you have installed?
  2. Have you tried downloading and installing Intellipoint from here:


    It's surprising Windows can't find drivers for a relative :)
  3. Thank you to the mysterious moderator.
  4. Upgrade to SP3.
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