Dropping a ghost image on a raid 0 array

Hi all, I'm currently using 1 hardrive and I want to have a raid 0 array with 2 hardrives. I want to take an image of my current hardrive using ghost, then add the second hardrive, configure it to be raid 0, then drop the image back onto this new raid 0 array. will this work? will it take advantage of raid 0 or should I just install my Windows 7 64bit from scratch?
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  1. Always best to install from scratch. But, you *might* be able to do it if you preload the RAID driver before you make the image. Not entirely sure.

    If you want fast, you're much better off buying an SSD for the OS and select programs then using the HDD for data (music, movies, pics). That's my valueless opinion, anyway.
  2. You should get a SSD, Install Windows(and a few apps and games) to it, and use your current drive for data.
  3. SSDs are two small and expensive right now. I have two extra 500gb hardrives and I want to use them and experiment with raid. so if I install the two hardrives, go into the bios and set them at raid 0, then boot with my Windows 7 disc to install windows, will windows see both hardrives as one 1TB hardrive and install windows on both?
  4. Won't work. ghost wont even see a RAID array unless you have the enterprise edition.
  5. ok but what if I install windows 7 from scatch by booting from the CD? will it see the raid 0 or do I have to do load raid drivers seperately?
  6. Windows 7 should have the basic drivers to recognize a RAID array. just make sure you have RAID set in the BIOS before you install.
  7. I don't see why it wouldn't work, as long as it's hardware RAID controller on the mobo. The RAID array will look like a single drive after POST and it would be like imaging any other single drive...
  8. it all about the software interfacing with the hardware. which means drivers. ghost software only has RAID support in its enterprise version. plus putting an image of win7 without the RAID drivers installed on the OS will not work.
  9. oh i forgot about striping you can load a non-striped image onto a striped array.
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