Hello, i was wondering how you oc a gpu. I have ati catalyst 10.6, however when i up the core speed, it says i still have it at 200-500 MHz. Are there any other oc'ing software? i tried rivatuner but it didnt work. I have a ati 4890, anybody know the best settings to oc it at for stock cooling?
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  1. Hello and welcome to the forums
    Try MSI afterburner
  2. thanks a lot. have any recommended settings for a stock 4890?
  3. Just up the core/memory frequency about 20mhz and then stress test the card with a software like Furmark. Then if the image starts artifacting or freezing just lower that frequency by 10 mhz. Also when you overclock your card you should look at the core/memory graphic chart to see if the frequency modified, because it doesn't always change at given speeds. To do that just keep furmark at a lower resolution in background, because if the card is idle the frequencies will be lowered to a idle state
  4. hows a score of 1580 on furmark?
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