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I am a student and I have a HP 212398-001 power supply I would like to work on. I need to get the pin out of this device so I can enable it on my bench and see if it works. I have try to guest what the pins I need to ground in order for this Power supply to turn on. If you can direct me to this information that will help me determine if the power unit need repair or replacement or the chasse needs to be replaced.
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    How To: Jump Start A Power Supply (PSU) / Test A Power Supply And Components

    After you get it running test each wire against ground for proper voltage with a multimeter.
  2. the PSU is from a server array 212398-001 it has a rail of 36 ping on top and 36 pins on the bottom. this is a 499 watt server power supply. I looked at the links note in the reply but they are for ATA PC supplies.

    if you have some Pin outs for server power supplies can you give me the link.

    thank you
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