Ssd 830,840 samung vs plextor 256gb size

Hello and thanks for looking in. I have been studying / reading about ssd's there are plenty of review and specs. However I have noticed ad position or demand pushes up a drive for no other reason then name recognition and familiarity. Check this out and please let me know your thoughts on this.
Thanks in advance.

Plextor m5s 256gb ssd 200.00 (+ 41.00 more then 840-std)
samsung 840-std (*NOT Pro) 250gb ssd 169.00 ---(best price)
only review I found yet it is a pro review with 840 standard specs mentioned (you gotta scroll down).
samsung 830 256gb ssd 220.00 (+ 51.00 more then 840)

and why one over the other except for the money

I read them all and found the Plextor, although it has pieced together parts unlike Samsung all in house.
The Plextor has a better ddr3 instead of 2 and 512mb of buffer memory to work with, then the 840std, along with MLC over TLC nand.
On the other hand the 830 brings MLC nand and only 256mb of buffer memory.
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  1. Along with the name and supply and demand you do pay for read/write speeds. The Samsung pro does have some very good read/write speeds.
  2. You should be able to find the 830 on sale as they are discontinued. They are great ssds, thats would I would go with. Reliable and fast. The 840 has not proven itself yet, except that is slower at writing. Crucial M4s are cheap and proven reliable. Although they are not as fast in synthetic benchmarks, in the real world benchmarks, they do very well.
  3. inzone I agree with that as well along with 2 years more warranty. We all know it is the back half of ownership that tends to give way.

    Maestro, funny how the stuff I like gets discontinued. Too much competition of their own line maybe? My Canon Camera got discontinued too. I'm glad I snapped up a second one before they did, as of now you have to get into the 1000 dollar arena to get what I got for 500 (300 on Ebay).

    Like that 470 Samsung is basically what that the 830 is built with and those 470's are still a whopping 400 bills for a 256gb ssd. Maybe that is the dealeo on the 830? (product competition)
    The prices I am sharing are Pcpartpicker and ebay. btw... Yet, both of skipped over saying why one over the other, then forum opinion.
    Don't you think 512mb over 256mb for buffered memory is a good reason to go with one over the other?
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