2.5" SSD for Notebook - max capacity with $1500 budget

I was wondering whether there are already 2.5" SSD's available that are larger than 600GB in capacity and cost less than $1500. Thanks for any hint.
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  1. There are, but you'll get a LOT more bang for your buck if you buy a smaller SSD and a hard drive. If your laptop doesn't have two bays, with that sort of money, you can buy one that does.
  2. Thanks DarkSable. I am running a ThinkPad W520 and using it for music production and video editing, so I want to have tons of data with me and can't have enough GB's ;-)

    Currently I'm slowly moving towards the 90% limits on all my included disks:
    -1 2.5" OCZ-Vertex SSD 447GB
    -1 2.5" Kingston SSD 476GB
    -1 ExpressCard Wintec FileMate 84GB

    So maybe you understand my problem now ;-)

    USB sticks and SD cards could also do, but I fear of losing them as they are so tiiny, so the ExpressCard has a good format also to move some stuff to a desktop for quick editing if need be.
  3. Well, if it was my laptop and using it for video editing and music production...and I had room for two hard drives...

    I would replace the SSDs with the largest hybrid hard drives I could find. Right now, the largest ones commonly available seem to be 750GB.

    Or another idea would be to get a 750GB hybrid hard drive, use that to boot off of. Then add a 2 or 3 TB regular hard drive for file storage.

    For video editing, I believe your main bottleneck will be your CPU. So I don't think downgrading to slightly lower performance disks with more capacity will be a problem...
  4. Sorry, just realising that my initial response was in the wrong thread...

    But yes, maybe I need to have a look at hybrids.

    The largest cap SSD's are always ridcolously expensive during the first few months, so it might well be worth reflecting more carefully available options.

    Thanks for your contributions.
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