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Not familiar with the various types of DVD media being used these days. So my questions maybe elementary. I have a Lenovo W510 laptop, came with MATSHITA DVD-RAM UJ890 (as shown from My Computer) DVD reader/recorder. I was able to use the CyperLink DVD Suite software (came with the external Asus DVD writer) to record movies onto 4.7 GB. When my friend send me their home made movie DVD (7.1 GB) which I tries to make a image copy, I was not able to. The reason was not enough space on media. I asked about the media/format they used. He told me is something like DVD 9, with some research, I think this is a double layered DVD? So my questions are as follows.

(1) What type of "double layered" DVD media I need to get? I saw some reference to single sided, then I assumed there is a double sided?
(2) How do I know if my Matshita DVD writer/recorder or the Asus (don't have the device at hand) can do this "double layer" function?
(3) I also saw some referenced use of "special" software that can do this "double layer" function?

My thought is if this is really much hassle for me, it maybe just easier to have my friend make a copy instead. But if this 'double layer" format is something common, then I will spend a limited amount of money to upgrade my system.
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  1. MOST DVD burners made within the last few years will do dual layer (DL) straight out of the box. You just look for the "DL" designation in the specifications. You should also be able to get any burning software to generate a simple report showing you the capabilities of the burning drives detected. If you see something like DVD-R DL or DVD+R DL, then you just need to get some DL media and you're good. Odds are the software won't need to be updated, especially if the drive you purchased can handle DL media.
  2. Thank Scott. good to hear and sounds like this is a common function, I will first buy the DL media and check into the capability of my device.
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