HSF problem.

Guys, As after 1 month use my MB (P5KPL-AM SE) had a problem. The left Channel didn't work. Sent in warranty. Got after 22 some days. Didn't worked, win never booted. and i got a new 2gig ram. Took into there lab and the guy there apparently fried the ic of CPU fan. the fan stopped working. I complained again to the owners. They said you will get it on Monday. (gave it to them on Thursday). Didn't went on Mon and Tuesday. Went on Wednesday and well got a new motherboard as it wasn't here. Well i am happy, no problem. But it didn't work. Never went into windows. Changed the rams 2 times but didn't work. Got 2x1 gig rams and vista worked (xp works too. problem dont know still as the 2gig rams didn't work in their lab too with my mobo and proc and their hdd), first i was trying XP. But my happiness is short lived ...

now coming to real problem :D ... because the hsf fan spins in constant speed. Changed bios and tried everything but it doesn't change, which is hurting my processor alot. Connected my chassis fan (Excalibur) to CPU connector and tried everything again and didn't work. It spins at constant 2600rpm too. So this means this mobo is faulty too? :S

Sorry for such a messy English. Too much to do. Still Experimenting with it. It would be one week today since i got my new replacement mobo. Shiny new, outa new box but faulty afaik. :pt1cable:
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  1. Ok, The left channel of what didn't work? Audio? RAM Slot?
    Messy english is usually not a problem in most cases, but here it's really causing a lot of confusion, how did you manage to connect your chassis fan to the cpu connector?
    And when you did connect it to you chassis fan, what happened?
    If you feel it's a faulty new board, return it immediately and get them to replace it for you that instant with a working board....

    Since your HSF runs at a constant speed , if it is set to run automatically, then it means your processor is overheating.... that's why the excessive speed, check the thermal paste , put a better one, reseat it on the Processor properly, check for any loose wires and check the power supply outputs.....
    And install the latest BIOS for the board.....
  2. Dude left channel isn't a problem. For your satisfaction, its left channel of sound.

    On my previous board, with Performance selected in Bios, the HSF used to be quite in Windows mode. Watching movies, playing games all made it spool up(hiting 4krpm when getting too hot :D). and in Silent mode it was peace as usual, Silent as one can wish.

    But now its always at 2600rpm and be it in Windows or playing games the fan wont change speed. Its winter here and temps hit above 70 :/.

    I have done everything!... changed bios, from 602 to 702 from 702 to 701. But no change.
  3. Did you reseat the HFS with new Thermal paste?
  4. I had this mobo P5KPL-AM SE on my internet cafe lots of them, problems? yes so what I usually do is return it. Just do the usual check when you install the RAM, video card or hard disk it should be detected by the BIOS if not return it.
  5. Man as you wish. Let me get some thermal paste and do the usual.

    Clean the proc, HSF > apply > re-seat.

    Will give results. I will do this last batch of tests today as i have done alot of them past few days. and as i m gonna take the HSF off, will try one more processor. Lets see if all woks.
  6. Dude No luck. Applied new paste, turned on. No oc (p4 520 2.8 HT) and Fan set on Silent mode in Bios. From boot up straight to left 4 dead 2. Played 20 minutes and here's the result. Nothing worked. Whats faulty? HSF or Motherboard? :ange:
  7. The Board most probably..... but before you jump to any conclusions you need to rectify a problem with your PSU, the +12V line should b showing a Max of 12V... which it is not, so your PSU seem to be the culprit, that's the main reason for boards getting spoilt....
  8. Hmm, the previous board showed same. Voltage remained in 8's. Well this wasn't a problem, or no one ever told me its a problem. I think it goes up when needed. I need professional answers and advice here now. and some pictures too of you guys running HWMonitor. All will help. and when i turned on this mobo the first time, i knew something was wrong because fan speed didn't change. How can the PSU fry the mobo in seconds? :D If it likes to fry, why not all? and why didn't it fry the old mobo? It ran like 'cat chased by dog'. Then after a month it developed sound problem. Using stereo output, it didn't played left channel. Tested alot but no. But the front panel played both Channels. So the fault was pretty much in mobo.

    atm i am running two hdd's, one chassis fan, 2x1 gig rams. That's it. Lol i envy myself sometimes. I am not able to upgrade *** in last few months all because of damn mobo's getting faulty.
  9. Here's one more run i did. Room temp when PC switched on 27C or 28C. A/C Fully cranked at 16C when Windows booted.

    Results with room temp at 15C, 30 minutes browsing and Front Inlet fan running.

    ... and did a bit of research and looks like i have PSU related problem. Though it cant be blamed for constant HSF speed. and for info that my PC isn't restarting or showing any other abnormality. Its stable.

    So what should i do today? Get the HSF checked? PSU checked? or return mobo? or get PSU checked and if faulty return. Its only been 3 moths from D.O.P. It came with my chassis. 420W Thermal Master with lol line 'Certified By Cooler Master' :D
  10. That's just what I said :) if the PSU is faulty only then will all the boards that you put in show voltages different from 12V.
    Since that rail is providing the main power to your Mobo and that itself is insufficient, something or the other is bound to give way.
    Get the PSU checked of course.... if it is faulty, get a new one, no point in repairing it or ordering the same one..... bad brand or bad lot will just make you doubt us non-professional amateurs more.....
    If static electricity on our body could damage the mobos components, I really don't see a question in "How can a PSU fry a Mobo in seconds?" all I can say is , crap happens........
    and Fry does not necessarily mean burning , bright lights and smoke......

    Here are a few pics from 3 Diff computers.....

    Yes, the new pic again isn't showing a Max output of 12V, which it should.....
    Change your PSU, then RMA the Mobo....
  11. Its been a week and a day since i got new mobo. I really want everything to happen quick as if warranty guys say that they will send it into warranty, then i am screwed for 28 days again. I will die dude. My life is computer :D

    i know i know. I won get the same PSU now. I never bought it actually. Got it with chassis. This is total new for me that you need pure 12v all the time hmmm. So i am pretty dam confused now as what to do.
  12. Guys still nothgin. I got a new Chines/Local 480w PSU cuz well atm i dont want to buy an expensive one. and it shows somewhat the same result. I have one week to return this psu. Man this suks...

  13. Have you got a spare mobo lying around or can you borrow one?
    If not can you take that new PSU of yours to a friends place and put it in his/her rig and run HW Monitor?
    If so do it and check if it shows 12V on the other PC.....
    If it does, than that means your Mobo was not replaced or repaired..... it was sent back to you after catching dust on the shelf.....
    Next time remember to write the serial number of any hardware being sent back for replacement.... if you get the same numbers back , you've been had.
  14. I feel like closing my PC like this and to hell what happens next.

    Dude no, This is a new mobo. The one i sent in warranty didn't came so i got a new one from them. and as soon as i switched it on i noticed that the HSF isn't spinning like it should when i changed the settings in BIOS. But The previous one and this one, both mobo's showed the +12V in 8~. Now new PSU and same result. Again one can blame the PSU but anything can be possible. What throws me in doubt is that people say that low voltage would make your PC restart under load. But when i am playing games or doing anything else (encoding) it never restarts. I actually had no problems of that nature.
  15. Just do me a favor and reset the BIOS to default and reboot.....
    And then give me a Screenshot of the HWMonitor
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    you cannot always trust monitoring software for voltage. HW monitor shows my 12v rail at 0.83v which obviously it is not or I would not be able to post. ( i have an OCZ Stealth Xtreme 700W)
  17. Here:

    ... well the last resort is that i should get a Digital multimeter and check voltages of both these PSU's. V of +3.3, +5 and +12. IMO Variations Till +/- 5-6% is accepted. And will help when i am out shopping for a new PSU.

    Edit: Any other Software to test voltages (Everest etc etc)?
  18. there are, however I believe they all read form the same sensor ( I may be off on that one) however I do believe the sensor to be off
  19. I believe most of us here at Toms can Vouch for HWMonitor, it has rarely let us down even when monitoring Voltages...... it's usually bad hardware that mess up the softwares functioning.... :)
    So if everything is read from the same sensor then how come the rest are showing things fine and just one is showing a not too correct value, if the sensor was off, it'd all be 000 an no values would reflect...... Einstein.
  20. @ aloyska a faulty sensor can give readings that are not correct.. I am not saying a dead sensor just not functioning properly. for instance I highly doubt 3 power supplies are showing incorrect voltage on the 12v rail esp when I have tried my current OCZ, and 2 yes 2 corsair 850W psu's. AND I highly doubt my psu is faulty as it reads my 12v rail at 0.83v. the system would not post. yes for the most part I do trust HW monitor. as a matter of fact I have it running constantly as I like to keep an eye on things. I am just saying you cannot always believe what you see otherwise in my case I would be buying up psu's like nobody's business. as for your question I was explaining that the sensor for the 12v rail could not be functioning properly.. nowhere in my post did i mention all the voltages are read from the same sensor. ...... and thank you for the compliment on the Einstein :P
  21. hahaaha.

    First i have been using HWMonitor for a long time and i use alot of others too. Yes the sensor can be out but how can this be that the sensors were f'd on both motherboards?

    The more i keep this PSU with me, the more chances it wouldn't be returned. I got a week or week and a half as a Warranty.
  22. we recommended to test with a dif PSU. have you done that? if so, then I would rma mainboard.. ( honestly at this point it wouldn't hurt to replace both just to be able to rule them both out)
  23. RMA the PSU today itself......
  24. The 1st one i have is ThermalMaster 420W. ( 'Certified by CoolerMaster' lol.)

    2nd i got 2 days ago is Local/Chinese 480W.

    Now i know both these are utter **** and dont even come close to my recommendations, but as i have no money i am of no use.

    Edit: I wont RMA the board ever if its giving faulty readings. Only if it has genuine issue will i give it in warranty. Like i did before, i waited for 1.5 months to get a new board because i was getting extremely pissed off... why? because i have no life other than computer so i am not going to give my board in warranty for nothing and wait for eternity or until i go Psycho. :pt1cable:

    In Short: Read the first post again.,

    First board: Gave birth to sound problem after nearly a month use from first switching on. Gave it in warranty, didn't got back in time so got a new board.

    Second board: From first day the HSF isn't spinning to temp up's and downs usually stays between 2500 and 2700 all the time unless stress is bestowed upon Proc in shape of HD Videos. HSF goes till 3300 for a millisecond yeah. Temps stay below 135F.
  25. OK. Problem for sure is with mobo as i stated. alyoshka thanks for help but you need to learn alot. PSU was never faulty.

    As much as i am sad to say this, HWMonitor made a fool out of me and all of you. It showed nonsense voltages. In bios i have 12V at 12 or sometimes above. Speedfan shows 12V at 12 too. So vouch no more because it just made you look stupid.

    I returned the local psu and got a decent heatsink. Its running at 4300rpm atm and confirms that mobo is faulty (damn noise). As i said it cant be controlled.
  26. So that makes 2 Mobo's with bad sensors????
    And the BIOS thing should have been the first to be done when I told you to update it..... :)
    Anyways it seems that it didn't work for you and a few others, but I wouldn't expect it not to work for a majority of people, since it has been until now..... so lets say it's just bad luck....
  27. No it makes HWMonitor not working with P5KPL-AM SE.

    'And the BIOS thing should have been the first to be done when I told you to update it.....'

    What are you talking about? My bios is fine. Its just i noted in speedfan that voltage is 12.09. then i noticed same in BIOS (which i ignored all the time, till now)

    I do trust HWMonitor, but not 100% now. I have rapped up my PC. but My front inlet fan and HSF running at 43 to 4400 is making much noise pollution. I am thinking about putting my Intel one back in :p. Atleast it ran at 2600.

    Yes money solves all problems. Like getting a fan controller etc etc. But i am short on it and yeah that sums up.
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