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while installing the xp os, in the middle blue screen error came as disk failure After i reinstalled xp instalation got completed. then while working in middle the system gives error systemfailur need close.
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  1. sounds like a dodgy HDD or RAM

    run checkdisk
    run memplus86
  2. can you tell me the full specfication of your comp and how old is it!
  3. You actually installed an incomplete XP, since it gave you errors right in the beginning of the install, it is expected to give you errors when you run the OS later on at anytime.
    Now what you need to do is get a fresh copy of XP and use it's file checker to recover and replace all corrupted files .....
    It'll run fine after that.
  4. To further what alyosha was saying,

    Go to run on the start menu

    sfc /scannow

    There is a helpful thread on here.


    That should help repair windows. You will still need to follow mi1ez's advice and check the disk and ram.
  5. i have a doubt how do we mismatch-ram??
    and it does sound like something bugging his hdd which is why he cant install properly suppouse hes kept a highly magnetic item near the hdd then he would be expirencing such a prob but he should change the hdd first or atleast borrow his frndz hdd and see if it works k on his system!!
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