2 x-fi cards can work together?

i using x-fi platium for movies, and i want to buy x-fi titatium HD for audio. but i don't know when i use them together on PC, software and driver can recognize them and work correctly ( i know i juz use 1 of them at 1 time)
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  1. Why not just go with one or the other as a single use card?
  2. Just use one of them for both uses as buwish has stated.
  3. i want to set up Home theatre and audio so i juz want switch between them for convinience,i afraid when install new driver of new x-fi i buy,its can't install till i remove the the old xfi's driver
  4. ...Its possible, but I wouldn't bother. In theory, you can have both installed, both would be recognized as seperate devices, and since both use the same driver, you should be able to switch between them via the Windows Control Panel. Whether it will work stably, thats another story...And again, why not just use one soundcard and connect everything to it?

    Also, if you want a soundcard for audio/movies, you should probably take a look at ASUS; thats their area of expertiese.
  5. Yeah, that'd be my personal recommendation.

    Asus Xonar Xense
    Creative X-Fi Titanium HD

    mind you, either one is capable of dealing with ALL your entertainment needs, thus you'll make a good purchase which ever way you go.
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