Hd 5770 general questions

I dont know too much about graphics card so I thought I would ask a few questions:
1) what does the shader clock mean also is a higher # better or a lower number
2) What does the core clock mean?

3) I have two choices of graphics card to choose for my new computer:
hd 5770 in crossfire mode or Gtx 260 super overclocked edition
Which one would you recommend

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  1. HD5770
    Performance is the same for HD5770 and GTX260 but the ATI card is newer tech and consumes less energy. When you say crossfire mode it means that you are going to use two cards in crossfire which close to doubles the performance.
    Higher shader clock and core clock means faster card as long as they have the same GPU and same type memory. You can only compare a HD5770 to another HD5770 that way and a GTX260 to GTX260 and so on.
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