Sansung R530 Motherboard Liquid Damage Repair

Hey guys, I just joined the forum today to try to get some help with my Samsung R530 laptop. It was 2 months old and I picked it up one morning to turn it on but it wouldn't. I returned it to Future Shop here in Canada to get warranty. I later found out that it had liquid damage. Looks like a small amount of milk got in through the bottom, nothing else got wet.

So there are a couple chips on the board that I can see are blown. I can get a picture of it later. Can a person buy these and replace them themselves? I have all the soldering tools and some electrical knowledge but never attempted something like this before.

What direction should I take with this? How do I know if the board itself it damaged? If I replace these damaged chips should everything be ok?

I appreciate any help you guys can give me.
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  1. To be dead honest, if the warranty won't cover it, time for a new laptop. There is no way to replace bad chips on any motherboard. Also, the soldering can't be done by any standard soldering tool.
  2. But I can send it out to be repaired right? Or can someone point me where to but a new one? It was a $700 item so I'd like to fix it.
  3. Anyone know where I can find a replacement?
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