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Hello, I have a question about my SSD. I have an SSD OCZ vertex but sometimes it doesn't show up when I boot up. This has been a problem for awhile. I am going to try changing the sata cable up to see if that makes the difference. I only recently wiped and shifted my windows to the SSD drive. So now I can really notice when it isn't booting up with the computer. Any other thoughts for possible solutions? Thanks, Nick.
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  1. Download OCZ's Toolbox and verify that the firmware on your drive is on the latest version.

    It also won't hurt to make sure your motherboard's BIOS is on the latest version also.
  2. Okay, will do thanks for the feed back.
  3. Did you enable AHCI in the bios under the sata mode ? You also want to make sure that it's connected to the sata3 Intel port and not a Marvell or Asmedia controlled port.
  4. Hmm you need to boot from another drive to install the new OCZ firmware. Which is a problem because my bootable is that drive. I guess this will push me to make a linux bootable as well. Was planning to anyway.
  5. It is most definitely plugged in a sata 3 intel port, I am running a evega x58 classified. But I don't have AHCI enabled will try that, thanks.
  6. If you have a usb stick then you can make it bootable and load Liux on it to do the firmware update. I had done that at one tiime when I owned an OCZ SSD and it worked fine as long as you follow the instructions.
  7. The only problem is that you can't enable AHCI with the OS installed on the SSD you have to enable the AHCI then install Windows.
  8. For some reason when I popped in my new 3TB HD windows wouldn't made me leave 746.52GB unallocated. It will not let me do anything with it, not make a new volume or anything. Figured that was like a sign for me to pop linux on that.
  9. There are tow options with 3 tb hard drives and they are MBR and GPT if you use GPT on a 3 tb hard drive it allows you to use the whole drive and in a lot if instances with older motherboards you run into the 2.2 TB limit on hard drives.
  10. My mobo shouldn't be a old its evega x58 classified 3 which was top of the line when I bought it 2010. Found no hardware limitation on its end.
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