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hi my name is Kevin i bought a new pc and want to upgrade
psu im confused as to the eps atx 2.9, 2.2, 2.0 i have a i7 860 and was looking at hx 650 i keep seeing on specs 2.3v on some and some not, i have a 4 pin atx connector and a 24 pin on the motherboard a 1156 socket h57 chip set the hx650 i dont see the 2.3v on the specs do you think this will work i am kinda new at this so i figured id ask the 650 has the right dimensions ? any info is greatly appreciated.
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    assuming you have a mini or mid tower, the hx650 should fit. it comes with a 4+4 eps/atx 12v power connector. you would just split one 4 pin off and then connect the other 4-pin into your mobo.

    its a very good PSU and can power several SLI/CF set ups and all high end video cards.
  2. thank you very much very much
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