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PSU & Static

hey guys, i was holding up my psu by tying a folded up plastic bag around its cage to hold it up while i bend the bracket to fit it in. the screw was only off by a bit, so I had to bend the bracket ever so slightly as that was the problem.

being static conscious, i had a big weights bar lying on the floor, i was sitting on it with surface contact to my skin, and touching it regularly. however, i am a bit worried though I was careful with the plastic bag as to not rub it too much, at one point it ever so slightly touch the mobo.


if an esd was discharged, even ever so slightly, or really small electropotential, I will hear/see/feel it right?
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    If you would have a static discharge, you would feel it, as it would give you a slight shock and worse case you'll see the discharge like a lightning bolt.

    I wouldn't be to worried at this point, unless you have put the system together an it isn't booting. At that point, I would follow the below thread and complete all the items listed. If no solution is found, you might have had a discharge that damaged the board (I give it a very low chance by your posting though).
  2. Are psu even sensitive to electrostatic energy?I read a few people discharging themselves using psu.Correct me if i am wrong.
  3. No, the PSU really isn't effected by ESD but the concern is the OP touched the motherboard through this process and was worried they might of happened.
  4. Thanks tecmo! learnt alot about the process. Computer booted up fine, me being paranoid as always. Whats your setup by the way, im curious :D
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