What is the best SSD for around 180?

Here is my build:


Currently, I can get either 2xCrucial M4 128 or 1 Crucial M4 256 for 180 at micro center after rebate. I already have another M4 in my laptop. I know that M4 is above average in speed, golden in reliability, fair in price. I just want to see if there is any better deal out there that I may snatch up for blackfriday?

My preference are Reliability> Speed=Price
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  1. I would get a Samsung 830 256gb SSD and right now they are even less than the C4 when they are not sold out, last price I saw on Newegg was $169.
    I just got the new Samsung 840 256 gb but it's over the $180 price your loking at.
    The Samsung SSD is completely built in house with all thier own components and the 840 is tops in reliability as was the 830 and the 840 has now added top rated speed to go along with that reliability. 540 read/ 520 write
  2. ^ +1

    The 830 is the best SSD right now especially at the low sale prices you can find it for. It may be hard to find since the 840 and 840 Pro that are replacing it are out now though.
  3. Is 158 a good price for a 250gb 840? Do they last as long since they are TLC?
  4. Unfortunatly the 840 series has just come out and so there's not enough info on that to know.
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