Switch from nvidia to ati (black screen)

I have recently bought a HD 5770 ATI video card replacing my current 8800GTS and burnt 275GTX video cards. I uninstalled everything nvidia related in my computer (windows 7 64bit), turn PC off then replaced video card... turn pc back on and all I would see is a blank screen. No bios, no windows, no nothing. I sent the card back for replacement thinking it was a bad card, turns out they tested the card and its perfectly fine and they are now returning it to me. Could someone please tell me what is going on here?
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  1. You may want to run driver sweeper in safe mode to make sure everything Nvidia related is gone;
    Also updating to the latest bios for your motherboard is a good idea, especially if your HD5770 is PCIE 2.1 and your board is PCIE 1.0.
  2. A 2.1 PCIe card in a PCIe 2.0 or 1.0 slot problem perhaps? Or maybe just a faulty motherboard caused by "burnt" cards.
  3. What version is your HD5770? 2.1? 2.0?
    What is your motherboard? What pcie version?
  4. I have the P5N-E SLI mother board (ASUS mobo) ASUS Radeon HD 5770 Cu Core 1GB DDR5 PCI-E VGA DVI-I HDMI Video Card.

    My bios is updated to latest version...

    The card says PCI-Express 2.1 but I don't know the mobo version
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