HELP! PUS/MOBO problem pls come in

IM NEW at custom build. Everything was completed this morning(custom build). I plugged the comp and it turned on but there's nothing on the screen. I took the battery out for 10 mins and tried it again and nope still nothing. So i waited an hour. Now my comp won't boot! I tried the psu on a diff comp and it didn't work so i assume thats the problem. I tried an old psu(200-250 watts) and i put it on my new custom build pc and it didnt boot and i dont see any green light on the back. So i took back that new psu and tried it again and the comp boot up for 1 sec then turn off.

Here are my thoughts

A: Psu problem ?(Powork 600watts yeah i bought it for 20$ and it sucks!! now im gonna buy a psu that has 80+ certified)

B: Not getting enough Power? COMP SPECS:
MOBO: MSI P7N SLI NVIDIA nForce 750i SLI Socket 775
CPU: Intel pentium e2220 2.4ghz(temporary)
graphics: 9400gt/5450 doesn't matter which 1(temporary) Have 4850
Ram: 2gb on 1 stick LOL
and a cd drive

C: MOBO was shorted?(that sucks and it was NEW!)
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  1. Well putting the 200W psu coulda fried stuff, and it might have been the initial PSU just being of really poor quality.

    What are your current spec's? Your list is a little confusing about what you have and what you plan to get. Where did you get the PSU? Can you return it (if this is a new build)? You could start by picking up a quality PSU - at least 450W - and hook it up and see what happens.

    Did you check all your connections to make sure they were correct?
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