Seasonic 620W

A few times a year I come across a deal that is so good I have to post it here for all the builders.

Seasonic S12II 620W

The modular version of this is a good deal at $90 certainly, but this is a GREAT DEAL.

This is the perfect PSU for anyone who will only use one video card. Very nice performance, very quiet, very efficient in the range that matters most, the list goes on. Like the last deal I posted, the CM 690 + Caviar Black deal a while back (it was like 100 bucks for both as I recall), this is so good I might just have to buy one even though I have no immediate need. I might even replace my 750TX with it as it's much quieter.

It would also be suitable for low power crossfire configs really.
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    Wow thats amazing. Thats the same price an an EA500 and a lot more powerful. Hopefully it will stay that price, that will be a great deal for most systems.
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  3. That has got to be the easiest best answer i have got, thanks proximon :) got to remember to add this to my recommendations for a while
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