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Will a core 2duo heatsink work on a core 2 quad cpu?

i just bought a q6600 b3 and want to know if i can use the stock intel heatsink from my e6300 core 2 duo which i am replacing
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  1. What's wrong with the Q6600's heat sink..?? As for compatibility, it'll work as both are from the same socket family..
  2. i bought the cpu from ebay and does not come with the cpu coller
  3. i would assume they have the same cooler. Some core 2 duo's have crappy coolers though. Does the cooler have fins that kind of spiral outwards and a copper core? If so then it sounds like it should be ok. You should also remove the old thermal paste and apply new paste or it will get hot.
  4. kool will do i think it does have the fins but dont remember about the copper core
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    The Q6600's cooler was heavier than the cooler for an E6600 or E6850 which would indicate a larger copper core so using the lightweight E6300's cooler might result in overheating as the B3's ran a little hotter than the G0's.
  6. will fit but will not be efficient in cooling so go get a new cooler
  7. will do thanks
  8. Get a new cpu cooler.
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