Gaming/Video Build under $1000 Need Advice!

Hey All,
I am planning on building a pc for right around 1000 after tax and shipping before rebates. I will be using this computer to play games such as starcraft 2, modern warefare 2, black ops when it is released, guild wars 2, etc. I would like advice on the choice of GPU and its capabilities to play the previously stated games. Also, is the SSD worth the extra cash if i install Windows 7 and maybe some other smaller files if needed. I plan on overclocking my CPU slightly to about 3.6 ghz what would be the easiest and the best settings to do for this as i am new to overclocking. My final question is if my motherboard will be able to handle the RAM and GPU easily. Please let me know what you think and any advice or changes you think i should make.



Case and SSD

RAM DDR3 1600



Hard Drive (which i may upgrade later.)

Please Let me know what you think. Thanks!
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  1. Please fill out the System Builders template - linked in my signature block.

    Also, the SSD would be ideal for installing the OS and your games - to make fast boot times. Just putting on the OS and some "smaller files" won't help if the smaller files aren't really files for loading apps.

    Also, you should look at the Spinpoint F3 for your HDD.
  2. Would the SSD have enough space to install 1 or 2 games and my OS if its only 32 GB?
    Thanks for the HDD tip.
  3. Well, windows 7 requires a minimum of 20GB, so you are cutting it really close. It would depend on the games, but even saves take up space, if it is a game you save your progress. Usually 60gb is recommended for a boot drive. But obviously they make smaller ones, and you could get by on it.

    However, are you completely set on the SSD? New specs and prices should be dropping by the end of the year for SSDs, and you could def get by on the Spinpoint for now, and upgrade later to an SSD if you aren't satisfied with the performance.

    So you could either save up for a larger SSD later, or put the money into a strong GPU, if this if for gaming. However, you should really fill out the Template in my signature block.
  4. Here is a build...

    X4 955 + HD 5850

    Lian Li- + XFX 650W


    ASRock Extreme 870 with x8x8 Crossfire

    HDD - Same...

    IMO instead of going with a slower SSD(Slower w.r.t other SSDs), wait and get a better one later on...

    Total - ~$787 Not including rebates, monitor...
  5. @gkay09 Would a Heat Sink Fan be necessary for my CPU?
  6. ^ If overclocking, then needed, else stock would do...but an aftermarket cooler would keep the CPU cooler than the stock fan at stock speeds...
  7. I changes some stuff around a found a couple of different combos. I dont need an HD 5850 GPU so i went with a different combo. I prefer this case and the rest seems pretty standard.

    X4 955 + RAM

    GPU and PSU

    What are the additional Cables For?

    Same HDD, Monitor and Case as listed in the original Build. Missing anything else?
  8. Some changes -
    X4 955 + ASUS 870

    GTX 460 + OCZ 600W

    GSKillz 4GB
    $5 off w/ promo code EMCYWZV53, ends 8/23

    Reasons -
    Mobo - ASUS is better quality...and a good combo
    PSU - That 700W is not a good performer...Also you wont need 700W for that GTX 460
    RAM - You get $5 off with that code...
    And also you spend less if you check the total...
  9. Would you recommend a HSF for my CPU?
  10. As gkay said before. You will want a HSF for the CPU if you will be overclocking. If not, the stock cooler that comes with the CPU (in the same box) will be sufficient. So it is up to you.
  11. ^ If you want a CPU cooler, then CM Hyper 212+ - should cost around $30 if more, then dont get this one...
    Other options - Sunbeam CCTF 120/ Scythe Mugen Rev B.
    If you wont be overclocking much then scythe Katana 3 or Sunbeam CCTF 92MM would do fine...
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