Problem rebuilding RAID 1 array

Hello, after a failed drive problem, I replaced the disk with an equivalent (WD WDC JS2500. However, the Intel Matrix Console Mgr shows the new disk as separate, and the original removed drive as missing.

The last part of the drive model is different. The original was 60NCB1 while the replacement is 75xxx can't get to the MSC right now).

Right clicking in the MSC on the new drive produces an error that it cannot rebuild the drive and lists 4 reasons, none of which seem likely.
1. contains system files or is the system hard drive
2. not large enough - but the MSC shows the same size for both drives - 232.8gb
3. drive has reported a SMART event
4. drive has reported a failure.

Any ideas?
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  1. The new drive could be also be busted. DOA drives are very common these days. Try formating the drive and use it as a stand-alone device. If that works, use your RAID controller to reinitialize the drive and add it to the array.
  2. I downloaded the WD diagnostic software, and the drive passed, but the Intel Matrix Storage Controller refuses to add it to the RAID array, although it sees the drive as a non-RAID device.
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