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I'm getting ready to upgrade my network. I'm starting from scratch and want to build the fastest network possible using the newest specifications and technologies.

Information: There will be 2 PC desktops, 1 PC Laptop, 1 Macbook, and one gigabit NAS on the network. For simplicity, lets assume that the 2 desktops which will be hardwired will be used for the final benchmark.

How would you build the network if you had the opportunity and a generous budget?

Please let me know if you need more information to make a proper suggestion.

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    Gigabit switch or wireless N with gigabit router. either one would work.

    Cisco 3750G with a 2800 series router.
  2. I've looked online to find reviews on good routers. However, all the reviews I find are 6-12months old.

    Any suggestions on good Home routers that have come out recently? Or do you have one in mind thats a little older that would do a good job.
    How does your suggestion compare to this one:

    On a side note; i just realized this isn't in the router forum, i'm not sure how that happened I must have clicked the wrong drop down option.
  3. And a generous budget ehh..

    I would build a Win2k8R2 box with RAID6 and SSDs, drop a 10gbit NIC on it, get a good managed gigabit switch with 10gb port, still use my Netgear 3700 to NAT to the i-net and get a Motarola 3.0 cable modem so it has a 1gbit port.

    So everything would be gigabit, but my NAS would be 10gb.

    I got MSDN, so I can get Win2k8 R2.
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