How to unload windoms7 on a flashdrive

i am replaceing my hard drive with a blank hard drive. can i down load windoms 7 on a flash drive to reinstall the windoms on the new hard drive
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  1. Your best bet would be to clone it using either Western Digital's version of Acronis True Image or Seagate's depending on which drives you have.

    Unless you are asking if you can download a Windows 7 image to a Flash Drive and perform a clean install, then the answer is yes. You can grab the Windows 7 USB/DVD Download tool here

    It will format and move/convert the image of Windows 7 to the flash drive for you and make it bootable. I used this recently on a Laptop with a broken DVD drive.

    However if you were asking if you can just copy the stuff currently on your hard drive and move it to the new one, then WD or Seagate's versions of Acronis True Image would be the way to go. It will clone your current hard drive to the new one.

    WD version is here It requires at least 1 WD hard drive present.


    Seagate Disk Wizard(Acronis True Image rebranded) <-available in most languages and also requires a Seagate Hard Drive be present in the system.
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