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Core 2 duo stock fan vs Core 2 Quad?

Thanks in advance to all who reply!! :bounce:
I upgraded from a C2D E6750 to a C2Q 9550 and used an after market HSF. I started a new project and want to reuse the C2D. I was going to use the C2Q stock fan but noticed the fins were smaller by 3/4 of an inch, along with the copper in the middle by 3/4 in dia. Also the C2D HSF has a plate connected to the push pins which in my eyes creates more cooling for the copper.
Sitting on the fan the C2Q fan sit 3/4 tall. The C2D is almost 2 1/2 in tall. Both fan are the same size both are 12VDC and both are0.60A.
This will go into a server so I want to turn it on and forget it.
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  1. Forgot to ask a question.
    Which one should I use?
  2. Use the C2Q heat sink.. Its designed to handle a higher TDP so should give more cooler results (theoretically).. Also (again theoretically), it might be less noisier also..
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    The C2D fan would probably be better suited do it its larger size, that HSF was designed around a 65nm chip and the Q9550 is a 45nm chip (makes less heat). I have cooler designed for a E6550 (65nm) on an E7500 (45nm) and I can run it at 4.07Ghz stable @ 70 C (which is high but for a stock HSF its pretty good)
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