No display problem can it will be a bios problem

I have Intel 845 motherboard . When i start system then system on but no display in monitor & not indicate num lock status.I cheacked Ram Processor monitor & power supply in other system.this is ok and working properly,so problem in my can i troubleshoot my board
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  1. Has it been working previously?

    Do you have a separate graphics card? If not, or if it works in a different system, then try resetting the CMOS, then using a graphics card instead of the integrated graphics (assuming you can get a graphics card that will fit easily) and if that doesn't work, first try with the motherboard out of the case, then try replacing the motherboard (you most likely can't fix it, and an AGP graphics card would be hard to find even if that is the problem). If the graphics card (if it exists) doesn't work, then replace it.
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