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Second Hdd not in disk management

I have an SSD as a boot drive which is 60GB and is the C: drive.
I also have a 1TB HDD, they both show up in BIOS and disk management.
I recently purchased a new 2TB HDD, it shows in BIOS as slave 0 with 0GB
but does not show up at all in disk management and therefore is not formatted and does not work.
Any help is appreciated :)
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    Any drive that is connected to your computer has to at least show up in disk management , if it doesn't then there is a connection problem or the drive is defective. Try a known working sata data cable, maybe switch with one of the other working drives and the same with the sata power cable and make sure the connections are secure.
    Maybe dicconnect the 1 tb drive just to see if you can get this new drive connected.
  2. thanks for that, my HDD was connected to the wrong SATA for some reason. i used another and it works fine now.
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