Wtf. e7500, at only 1600 mhz??

Win7 64 bit
Asus g41 motherboard
e7500 CPU

i bought this pc a few days ago, and today i wanted to OC the cpu, anyway i did oc, it entered the blue screen, so it didnt go well and i changed the bios settings to default.
then to check if everything was fine, i download CPU-Z (i didnt have this program before)
and in the program at Core Speed it sais 1600 mhz, that is suppost to be at 2933 mhz.
what the problem?
(btw if i stare at the numbers for a while, it changes once in a few mins to 2933 mhz for about 3 seconds, then it goes back to 1600 mhz)
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  1. It's called SpeedStep, a powersavings feature.

    Google it for more info.
  2. oh, so nothings wrong with the cpu?
  3. Nothing wrong. Standard feature on all Intel CPUs.

    Download CPUBurn and watch your CPU hit full speed in CPU-Z.
  4. Here's a more recent stress tester for your PC.
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